Our Mission:

Unlocking the Potential
of Private Capital Data

Burgiss provides essential private capital data and analytics for thoughtful investors. With over three decades of experience and the world’s largest research quality private capital data set, Burgiss’ singular focus on private capital has set standards for the industry while allowing investors to be more knowledgeable about their portfolios on a daily basis.

The Burgiss team operates out of offices in the U.S., Europe, and South Africa, with headquarters in Hoboken, New Jersey.



Private Capital Portfolio Management Platform

Investing in private assets— private equity, venture capital, real estate funds and the like—is challenging, taking much more time than it should.

Private i, the choice of hundreds of institutional investors worldwide, is a private-cloud-based data platform expressly designed for private capital investors. Now fully integrated across a wide array of data and tools, the Private i platform helps investment, risk, and operations teams accurately monitor, measure, and report on their private capital portfolios. 

A Complete, Integrated SaaS Solution


Transparency across Fund Holdings Delivered

Private Capital Data

For investors in private capital funds, data is the key to understanding composition, risk, and key drivers of value. For most institutions, getting and assembling essential data on private capital investments is next to impossible. That’s why for over 20 years, institutional investors have come to Burgiss to provide the data they need, including holdings transparency and performance data, gathered from source documents, enriched with research and harmonized with identity services, and classification systems.


Universe Analytics and Benchmarks

The Burgiss Manager Universe, the world’s largest repository of research-quality data, includes the transactional history of over 9,100 private capital funds across the full spectrum of private capital strategies, including private equity, private debt, and real assets. 

Burgiss Manager Universe


In-Depth Research on Private Capital Investing

Applied Research

Our team of PhDs and our trove of high-quality private capital data are the key to bespoke research service engagements with clients, leveraging detailed statistical and econometric models, data and research expertise.


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Burgiss Applied Research


We Serve

Asset Owners

Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds and Financial Institutions

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Buyout, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Real Asset Funds and Fund-of-Funds

Financial Intermediaries

Custodians, Investment Consultants
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