Research Reports Exclusively for Burgiss Clients


As part of the expertise that we provide to our clients, Burgiss has developed a series of data-rich research reports tailored to their needs. All reports are based on data from the Burgiss Manager Universe (BMU), a research-quality database that includes the complete transactional history for a growing list of nearly 9,300 private capital funds. 

Reports are updated quarterly following the BMU update.

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Global Private Capital Returns

This report presents top-line quarterly returns broken out by private equity, private debt and real assets for Global, U.S., Europe, and Asia regions. 

You can download your copy of the report here.

You can download your copy of the constituent Burgiss Manager Universe Dataset Summary here.

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All Clients

Global Private Capital Review

This report provides an overview of global private capital activity on a timely basis, helping Limited Partners and General Partners to:

  • Analyze top-line global and regional performance

  • Understand recent asset class performance

  • Observe capital flows and valuation movement

  • Monitor dry powder



Private i Clients

Capital Reserve Forecast Report for Buyout, Venture Capital, and Real Estate Portfolios

Based on a Burgiss-created a model, this report forecasts* the capital reserve required to meet capital calls for a portfolio. It covers a range of different portfolio constructions, and provides insight to Limited Partners by:

  • Delivering top-line capital reserve forecasts which can be incorporated into the capital budgeting process.

  • Enabling Limited Partners to directly answer the question: How much capital should I have at the ready to meet capital calls?

*The forecasts are derived using the Maximum Probable Contribution (MPC) methodology for forecasting the probability density function of capital calls arising from both single commitments, or portfolios of commitments.  Read more about the MPC methodology here: Budgeting for Capital Calls: A VaR-Inspired Approach.  Please contact if you are interested  in customized forecasts. 



Transparency Data Clients

Holdings Performance Report for Buyout, Venture Capital, and Real Estate

This report presents aggregated performance based on TVPI (Investment Multiple) of the holdings across funds, allowing Limited Partners and General Partners to:

  • Benchmark the underlying holdings of funds

  • Analyze the dispersion of holdings performance

  • Attribute performance and risk at a more granular level

  • Monitor macro investment / divestment activity



Universe Analytics & Benchmarks Clients

Holdings-based Composition Report for Buyout and Venture Capital

This report provides holdings-based geography and industry composition for Global Buyout and Venture Capital asset classes in the Burgiss Manager Universe (BMU), allowing Limited Partners and General Partners to:

  • Understand fund-level benchmark composition using holding-level exposures

  • Monitor portfolio exposure to regions and sectors relative to the universe

  • Attribute performance and risk at a more granular level