Platform Chronology


The Private i Platform

Private i is a modern, secure, analytical platform for private capital

Serving the needs of institutional private capital investors, the Private i platform is built on decades of continuous innovation and experience atop a proven database architecture, with a new codebase and a robust API.

The unified Private i Platform now combines the capabilities of formerly separate applications and provides pathways to use their core capabilities:

Burgiss-Managed Data

  • Holdings transparency data provides continuously-updated depth on the activity of funds.

  • Integrated data from the Burgiss Manager Universe helps provide analytical context, bolstering traditional measures with meaningful statistical industry data.

  • Licensed third-party data, such as indexes, currency rates and stock pricing feeds, provide background support for both routine and complex analytical needs.

  • Unified with underlying identity services; classification and taxonomy systems; uniform profiling

  • Kept up-to-date with industry standards

  • Governed by formal data policies and procedures